Ayon Spheris Evo – Linestage

Ayon Spheris Evo – Linestage “S t a t e o f t h e A r t”

The Spheris preamplifier has now been in production for 20 years across 3 generations and has earned the reputation of being one of the finest tube preamplifiers ever built.
With the introduction of the fourth generation in 2024, the new Spheris Evo – Linestage was born and this has been further developed, refined and aimed at audiophiles who accept nothing less than the best as the new reference standard for vacuum tube linestage preamplification. It is a marvel of engineering with its unique tube circuit design and construction. This preamp sets new standards for natural music reproduction with its exceptionally wide bandwidth, ultra-low distortion, colorful superior dynamic range and an airy three-dimensional holographic soundstage.
The Spheris AC~ external regenerator delivers stable, regulated and purified AC power, regardless of the quality of the incoming AC line. This power supply ensures a lower noise floor, more liquidity, better 3D spatial imaging, greater focus, richer colours and less glare and haze