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Ayon 300B

Ayon 300B Amplifier – Review by Image Hifi

December 30, 2004

Image Hifi (Germany) Issue 1/2005 – No. 61 Review – Amplifier Ayon 300B by Roland Kraft “Will say, she goes down, down, down, is in the event, of course, so crystal clear clean that you already see the gums, and packs just merciless to the whole thing also put so…

ayon hawk

Ayon Hawk Speaker – Hifi Records Test Report

December 28, 2004

Issue 1/2005 – Test Report – Speaker: Ayon Hawk by Dr. med. Ludwig Flich “The overriding feature of the hawks is their ‘blackness’, the absolute calmness that lies between the notes, the heights are – in spite of their detection character – not ascetic or even pointed, but open and alive”

ayon raptor-s

Ayon Raptor Loudspeaker – Review by LP (Germany)

December 26, 2004

LP (Germany) Issue 1/2005 – Review – Loudspeaker Ayon Raptor by Holger Barske “She transports the delicate in every soft tone, touches sensitive structures with suitable Santhandschuhen – in order to trigger the next moment without any beginnings real Urgewalten.This transducer is to a degree fast, which one knows only…