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Ayon Audio Spheris III Test and Review – HIFI Statement

October 13, 2014

Ayon Spheris III 13.10.2014 // JÜRGEN SAILE What happens when a company like Ayon Audio once pulls out all stops and leaves the technicians off the leash? Sends the controller together with red pencil on vacation? This is what happened with the new Spheris III precursor. At least it seems. But I will do…

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The 2014 – New York (USA) High End Audio Show Ayon reports.

October 10, 2014

STEREOPHILE – John Atkinson My final room Sunday afternoon was the Ayon and USA Tube Audio Labs. Not only did the last company’s Tineo J horn speakers, with their powered stereo subwoofers operating below 70Hz($35,000/system) catch my eye, their sound, driven by Ayon’s Titan mono amplifiers ($68,000/pair) and Spheris III…

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Ayon CD-3sx : Fidelity – September/October 2014, Germany

October 7, 2014

Review summary: English TranslationThe fundamental sound signature of the CD-3sx really – independent from the source – is in the very best sense “ayonic”, i.e. bursting with energy, enormously rich in content, and , let’s call it this way, “juicy”, in the sense of sappy. Delicious: a strong stirring joy…

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Hi-End Show – TAV 2014, September 26th – 29th, Bangkok – Thailand

October 3, 2014