About Ayon Direct

Chris Williams, VP Sales - Welcomes you to Ayon Audio USA Direct,

Over 30 years in the making, distributors in 52 countries, Ayon Audio has radically revolutionized Pure Class A audio circuit designs, a globally recognized vacuum tube high end audio manufacturer - of the finest electronics and loudspeakers, Made in Austria.

Ayon Audio – Winner of the coveted award from The Absolute Sound magazine, Ayon Audio, “The Bugatti of Audio”

Our Mission at Ayon Audio USA Direct is to strengthen the relationship between our Clients and our Ayon Audio dealers in North America, with Red Carpet service, working hard every day to enrich the lives of our customers through music.

Ayon Audio USA Direct and the Ayon Dealers of North America have joined together as one - with the sole mission of providing our clients with the best in audio system design, advice, installation & setup and world class technical service and support.

This unification of Ayon Audio USA Direct & the Ayon Audio Dealers of North America will allow our customers to enjoy quick access to a warehouse chock full of handmade Ayon equipment with a 24 hour fulfillment -

Ayon Audio USA Direct and all the North American Ayon Dealers now can offer 0% 3 year Financing, free money for a 3 year term, a 15 day in home audition on selected models, world class technical support available 7 days - 8am to 8pm.

Ayon customers can choose to buy directly from their local Ayon dealer or from Ayon Audio USA Direct, with the knowledge that we operate as one and the peace of mind knowing that Ayon Audio USA Direct guarantees your 100% satisfaction. Regardless, where you buy your Ayon gear, our Ayon dealers will still receive their full commission, thus supporting your local Ayon Dealer, as we value their support and commitment.

For customers that do not have a local high end audio shop to visit, Ayon Audio USA Direct is here to help with the best in audio system design, advice, installation & setup with world class technical service.

At Ayon Audio USA Direct, we are passionate about audio, our customers and our dealers.

If you've ever had to travel to another City or perhaps another State to visit a high end audio dealer, I know this has happened to me, only to find that they all sell, all the same brands.

Brands that are owned by hedge funds - Brands that offer their dealers spectacular credit terms up to 90 days, or the dealer pays when they sell the gear.

We are not influenced by such distractions nor manufacturer credit terms that influence what you should buy. We will never misguide you or insult your intelligence, but rather offer you sincere, honest advice to help you make the right decision for your needs.

The products that we build are special, for special customers who seek the holy Grail in recorded music playback.

Happy Listening.

Chris Williams
VP Sales
Ayon Audio USA Direct