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Ayon Audio Epsilon Mono left 2K

Ayon Audio Epsilon Review – Audio Reference

December 24, 2013

Ayon Epsilon Monoblock AYON EPSILON – “HXOS” (Greece) 5-star award The Epsilon Monoblock immediately makes clear its wider power bandwidth with more speed, top-end air, detailed resolution and more articulate combined with an impactful bass. It has also a wonderful ability to unravel complex musical threads with grain less purity…

Ayon CD-1sx b

Ayon Audio CD-1sx

December 15, 2013

December, 2013   Read all about it . . .

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Ayon Spirit III – KT150 — Stereoplay Review

December 3, 2013

December 2013, Germany Some review quotes: English Translation“This integrated amplifier is not only powerful, consistently precise, and definitely tonally extremely well balanced, it also delivers so much colour and fine differences, that one could get enthusiastic about it.The massive power of the bass unexpectedly appears when needed. However, it is…